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Follow Your Heart

Our Experiences

Feminine Sensual Arts

July 19-21, 2019  - Mallorca, Spain 

RaMa Festival


Feminine Rising joins the RaMa Festival again this year!  
Join Sumir in our 2 hour workshop -  "
She Who Loves"  - an embodied experience of feminine sensuality and evocation!  Soften into the richness of your body's wisdom and design. 


Learn more about the festival and the amazing line up of speakers & experiences here!  


"She Who Loves" 


Bring a Sister!

Special Discount Offer

One of a kind opportunity to share your Feminine Rising experience with Sisters from your own community!


Invite a friend, a colleague or a family member* to the Feminine Sensual Arts event in November and your food and accommodation will be free! 

  • Yours and your Sister's total cost for this event is €500 each

  • You can invite more than one Sister and they all come for €500 each!


*the invited Sister has to be NEW to Feminine Rising. This offer also applies if both, the inviting and invited Sisters, are new.  

Bring a Siter Offer

Welcome to Feminine Rising

Our weekend immersions are a Welcome Home for Sisters seeking an opportunity to experience an authentic, safe, embodied expression of the Feminine.  

Come and enjoy a guided experience of Sensuality, Presence and Sisterhood.  Our feminine guides and practices are all brought to you in a form that allows for gentle expansion of your nervous system and preparation for our deeper, more intimate programs. This event invites all women and requires no previous experience. 

The Introduction

Sisterhood Gathering

We the Sisters

During this 4 day Sisterhood Gathering, you will be guided on sacred awakening, initiation and celebration of your Feminine Heart.  Surrounded by unconditional love and wisdom, here, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Release the hooks & fears that have anchored you to an outdated version of yourself for far too long.  

  • Reconnect to your unique & original blueprint.  

  • Reclaim the Truth of Your Feminine Heart.  

  • Return balance to your Feminine & Masculine presence 

Feel what it's like to shine and be celebrated in all of your parts (possibly for the first time) in the presence and witness of Sisterhood.

It is the healing balm your Feminine Heart has been waiting for! 

Welcome to Feminine Rising
Sisterhood Event
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