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Feminine Rising

Reawakening The Feminine Heart

She Who Loves...Leads

We are CEO's, Homemakers, Mothers, Daughters, Grandmothers, Wives, Widows, Intellectuals, Bohemians, Jet-Setters, Backpackers, Retirees, Start Uppers, Moon Cyclers, Yoginis, Dakinis, Dancers, Singers, Actresses, Musicians, Athletes, Speakers, Doctors, Students, Teachers, Animal Lovers, Tree Huggers, Queens, Warriors, Goddesses, Priestesses, Witches, Shamans and Lovers.


We are the tribe of Every Woman.


We authentically support Sisters to thrive & shine. We create a safe place for Women to explore their true Feminine Essence in an embodied, experiential and natural way. We believe healthy Sisterhood celebrates Women, supports relationships, uplifts families and evokes meaningful change across the planet. 

Find Your Path

Step Two

Choose Your Experience 



We offer embodied experiences of Sisterhood and the Divine Sensual Feminine.


Brotherhood Support

While our focus is the Feminine Heart within Women, we also support Brothers who gather together in Sacred Men's work.





Feminine Rising is devoted to evoking meaningful change across the planet. 

You are Welcome Here

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