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In The Name of Love

How We Serve


Our events are offer  a rich experience of Women's Work: circling, leadership training, conscious communication, feminine & masculine meditation, breath work, movement, shadow work, and the art of embodied femininity & sensuality.   


We support Women in all Realms of Life. 

Intimacy, Relationships, Motherhood, Business, Body Intelligence & Self Care, Shame Eradication, Embodied Speaker and Feminine Leadership & Presence. 

We weave the wisdom of our team for a masterful and magnificent tapestry of embodied expansion. 

Brotherhood Support

While our focus is the Feminine Heart within Women, we also support Brothers who gather together in Sacred Men's work.


In these experiences we partner with facilitators to introduce & evoke polarity, embodiment, leadership, confidence and Sacred Masculinity within Men.

It is our honor and pleasure to show up for our Brothers in this way, and to support our Sisters, the Women in their lives in the process. 

Brotherhood Support


Feminine Rising is devoted to evoking meaningful change across the planet. We direct our energy and resources to social activism, education and dialogue with policy makers, change agents and Sister & Brother tribes in alignment with our mission, This includes activism and support of the following: 


Education, support and inspiration for girls and boys across the globe in their rise to greatness, beyond restrictions of their geographical location, social class or ethnicity.


Eradication of trafficking - both human and animal.


Eradication of violence & abuse against all sentient beings


Restoration & Reconnection with the Mother and Mother Earth


Advancement of technology and innovation that supports the above.


All acts of Love & Kindness.

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