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Sumir Brown

I am a Woman

In my heart, being a Woman is the greatest accolade, gift, privilege, experience and opportunity I could have ever been bestowed or share with the world.

To be human is already a miracle and to be a Woman...well to me... this is the greatest promise of possibility, probability, pleasurability, capability, and capacity on the planet. 

I wish for every Sister whose feet touch the earth, to know that She is already Whole, Wise & Powerful. She is already Sensual & Shakti.  She deserves Safety, Love, Connection & Reverence.  She is literally the Embodiment of Magick, the Source of Life & the Vessel for the most powerful healing force on the planet....Love. 

The Feminine is Rising and it is a blessing to play my part in the collective resurrection and restoration of the Feminine's true nature & gifts on the planet. 

With Love,


The "average, common, every day"  Women in Sisterhood, will be the unexpected heroines of our time.  Together, we will evoke unfathomable, magical, revolutionary change.

This is my prayer.  

And I will stand for it, Always.


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